Saving South Florida Businesses THOUSANDS While Helping Them Look Their Best!

Does your office, hotel/motel, restaurant, commercial bathroom, or workspace need a remodel so that you can put your best foot forward?

Surface refinishing is the most cost effective way to remodel your South Florida commercial bathrooms, offices, and work spaces.

By teaming up with All Surface Refinishing you could SAVE up to 80% over replacement cost!

Now more than ever, commercial bathtub, surface, and tile refinishing has become the quickest and most economical way for hotel and motel owners to give their guests a modern, clean bathroom with minimal cost.  This means more profit for you!

In addition to a cleaner, more modern looking bathroom, housekeeping is quicker and easier when a bathtub and surrounding tile walls are refinished together. Mold and mildew do not form in grout lines or caulk lines. When it comes to commercial surface refinishing, we are the experts! All Surface Refinishing has been the South Florida leader in commercial as well as residential refinishing since 1996!

We work with apartment complexes, hotels, medical offices, business offices...any kind of commercial space in South Florida.

We Can Reglaze or Resurface:
  • Fiberglass Tubs and Surrounds
  • Cultured Marble Tubs and Walls
  • Acrylic Tubs
  • Formica Countertops with Multi-Stone Finish
  • Tile Walls and Backsplashes
  • Kitchen Cabinets: Wood or Formica
  • Vanity Cabinets
  • Porcelain Tubs
  • Cultured Marble Sinks and Vanity Tops
  • Shower Stall Walls and Shower Pans
  • Non Skid Applications for any surface
  • Tile Floors (in bathroom) with multistone.
  • Desks
  • Bathroom Stalls
  • Tables
  • Garage Floors
  • Virtually Any Surface!

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