Turning Your Dreams Into Reality and Saving You THOUSANDS!

You'll be beaming with pride as you show your friends and family, neighbors, and even potential buyers your remodeled and resurfaced spaces created by All Surface Refinishing.

Now you can turn your residential spaces into your South Florida dream home without breaking your budget! All Surface Refinishing has your back!

We can refinish any surface in your South Florida home, including: Tile Walls, Porcelain Bathtubs, Acrylic Tubs, Fiberglass Tub and Shower Units, Cultured Marble Tubs, Backsplashes, Claw Foot Tubs, Jacuzzi Tubs, Cultured Marble Wall Panels, Plastic Surrounds, Vanity Cabinets, Kitchen Cabinets, Utility Room Cabinets, Cultured Marble Vanity Tops, Formica Cabinets and Countertops, Wood Cabinets, Foil Cabinets, Tile Floors, Kitchen Backsplashes, and many other possibilities!

Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinets 8

With construction prices at an all time high, All Surface Refinishing has South Florida's best cost-saving alternative by refinishing your cabinets.

Refinishing or resurfacing your kitchen cabinets can save you upwards of 80% of the cost of replacement! It doesn't matter if you have wood or Formica cabinets, All Surface Refinishing can refinish them with bright modern colors that will make them look new again.

Over their lifetime, kitchen cabinets become chipped, scratched, and dull from daily use. On older wood cabinets,  stains and varnishes begin wearing away.  The wood looks "tired" and dated.

After we've refinished them, they'll look brand new with our proprietary techniques. Even better, the coating that we apply will last decades with proper care.

Have a favorite color from Home Depot, Lowes, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, or Farrow and Ball? We can match them all.  This gives you the freedom to dream big and create the kitchen you've always wanted.

Want to change your pulls and knobs to a different size, color, or design?  We've got you covered. We can fill the old holes and install your new hardware after spraying to give your kitchen the finishing touch that will really create that "wow" effect!

Bathroom Cabinets

After we refinish your cabinets, you get the look of a new bathroom at half of the price! Take a look at some of our work below and you will see how dramatic the changes are.

On top of saving you money and making your bathroom look great, most cabinet jobs can be completed within 2 to 3 days.  All work is  done on site and you'll be able to use your bathroom only 24 hours after completion!

If you're like many of our South Florida clients and want to see some of these dramatic results for yourself, call us for a free estimate. We'll come out to your home and explain the entire process. We'll show you similar jobs that we have completed so you can see the potential results you can achieve in your home, too!  And just like kitchen cabinets, we can refinish your bathroom cabinets in any color and even change your pulls and knobs out, too.

The possibilities are endless!

bathroom cabinet 2

Don't Wait! Get Started On Making Your Dream Home A Reality!


Bathroom cabinet 1

One of the best things that makes All Surface Refinishing unique is our proven method of multistone refinishing. It's a fast, easy, and  efficient way of transforming your kitchen or bathroom countertops into a work of art. We have over 40 different shades and designs which will match any decor. Our multistone coating dries to a hard surface that can withstand years of use.

Want the look of marble or calacatta?  We can do that, too!  Metallic coating? We've got you covered.

Call or text us for your FREE in-home estimate.


All Surface Refinishing can refinish any kind of bathtub; porcelain, fiberglass, cultured marble, or acrylic.  No matter what kind of tub you have, we'll apply a high gloss finish that's strong, durable, and will last for up to 20 years with the proper minimal care.

In addition to refinishing your tub, we can also add our proprietary non-slip coating that feels great and secure on your feet, yet still be visually minimalistic.

Most people want their tub sprayed white, bone, or bisque, but we can actually spray them any color you'd like!  Just pick a color from your favorite hardware or paint supply store and we will take care of the rest!


bathtub 1

Tile Surrounds

bathtub and surround 2
bathtub and surround 1

All Surface Refinishing is the South Florida expert in tile refinishing and resurfacing! We can convert your old, moldy, mildewed, worn out tile surfaces to a high gloss, fresh, new finish that you'll love.

After using your shower or tub area every day for years the grout becomes discolored and mold and mildew are everywhere.  This becomes unsightly and cleaning is almost impossible as you have spent countless hours wearing your arms out scrubbing.

Our trained technicians will apply a coating that is specifically engineered to create a hard surface over your tile and grout.

This will enable you to clean your shower or tile areas much easier after the refinishing process.  Your grout is now sealed, which will prevent mildew from growing on it. It will be a breeze!

It will look so good, most people will think you actually replaced the tile.

Our team has over 20 years experience refinishing tile and tubs.

Ready to discover how amazing your kitchen, bathroom, office, or garage can become? Click here to schedule your FREE quote!